Samadi Bali Mission

Creating a Community based business

One of our biggest aims is to support a conscious lifestyle for anyone who walks in our doors so nothing ends up in the trash! This is a big feat and in the midst of Bali’s current condition, we are surely challenged!

But, we are not alone.

A big thanks to the help of many other organizations and conscious consumers in Bali, we feel this is very achievable and possible before it’s too late!
By purchasing from the Samadi Supermarket, you are helping us to continue our social mission in creating a #plasticfreebali.  We will be providing free education within the store to help you choose your products consciously and how you can reuse, reduce and recycle to help promote a more eco-conscious way of living while at the same time holding others to their accountability by spreading the message. 

Together we are stronger and we can make a change by offering some simple options to consumers.

Samadi Bali Vision


Change Lives Forever